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The First Thing in the Morning


The First Thing in the Morning
The First Thing in the Morning


Born and raised in Cincinnati I am the true definition of a hometown girl! I have called 96ROCK home for the last decade!  I am married to my partner in crime, who I affectionately refer to as Stedman, and bonus-mom to his son Mini-Stedman.

I love to be out and about,  whether it be rooting on the home teams (which can sometimes be a difficult task), checking out the newest watering hole (day drinking is the best) or eating at the newest restaurant in town

it’s always good beer drinking weather!

Other random facts about me: I am left-handed,  I love a good pun, I have seen Metallica 12 times,  I once was in an afterschool special, I use the word \”amazeballs\” whenever I can and most importantly, I love spending my mornings with all of you!!!!!

The First Thing in the Morning


I grew up in the Hamilton/Fairfield area and went to Stephen T. Badin High School \”Go Rams!\” After high school I joined the United States Coast Guard. I was in for a little over 5 years. I lived in Key West Florida, Yorktown Virginia and over on the wrong coast in Alameda California where we did everything from search and rescue, drug and migrant interdiction and fisheries and safety patrols up and down the coast.  When I got out and came back home, I decided to go to broadcasting school because all of my maritime training did nothing for me in southwest Ohio and being in radio had been something I always wanted to take a shot at.  

I have been working for 96 ROCK for the past 9 years and have been lucky to have spent my entire radio career in my hometown. I currently reside in my old stomping ground in the Hamilton area. I love being outdoors. If someone paid me to go fishing, I would be a millionaire. During deer season I disappear into the woods for three months hiding in a tree somewhere. On the other side of that I can be a big nerd as well. I love sci-fi novels. (If you know what Warhammer 40k is get a hold of me we can be best friends.) I’m on Xbox Live quite often playing Call of Duty among other games, (gamer tag Space Wolf 7137).  I am married to my best friend Jenn, who deserves and award for putting up with me. I like dogs more than I like most people.  

You can always hit me up on Twitter @NickWRock. Because I love metal, check out “The Heavy” Sunday evenings from 7-9. 

Thanks for listening and allowing me to keep making a fool of myself on the radio!