Next2Rock 2020 • Finals

The search is on for the Tri-State’s best live band!  96ROCK is looking for the “neXt2rock”! 

ATTENTION LOCAL BANDS – submit an original song below by October 4th.  96ROCK will then join listeners in rating, and selecting the top 5 bands/artists to move on.  At the end, one will be crowned the “neXt2rock!  The winning band will win $1,000, and stage time at Bunbury Music Festival 2021.  neXt2rock – sponsored by Miami Valley Gaming!

Stage 1: Registration (September 21 – October 4)

Stage 2: Fan Rating (October 5 – October 11)

Stage 3: Top 5 / Fan Voting (October 12 – October 23)

Stage 4: Winner Announced (October 26)

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The Finalists

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Arbor | Intuition

​Arbor was founded by original members Noah Dockery and Tanner Brzygot in Cincinnati Ohio in late 2015. The band began playing out around Cincinnati at venues such as Bogarts, Madison Theater, and Thompson House. The band attracted attention for being so young, yet having a sound that competed with other local bands in the area. The band released their first EP titled “Monophobia” with original singer Calvin Freeman in 2016. Shortly after, Calvin Freeman departed and the band adapted, making Noah Dockery the new lead singer. Soon after this addition, the band released their first single with Noah Dockery on Vocals titled Relicta. Shortly after this release, permanent drummer Will Armstrong joined Arbor as the band continued playing all over Kentucky and Ohio. Two years later, False Perception was released, being the most mature sound from the band at the time. False Perception included the band’s older sound with a heavier rock sound and aggressive vocals at the end. Shortly after this the band added new members Henry Dierig on Guitar and Cameron Morgan on keys and transitioned to a more modern pop-rock sound.

The band is all home grown and now continues to operate out of Nashville having released two brand new singles since Covid-19 began. Arbor since has noticed growth in TN within their fan base and their music. The band is set on releasing more quality music for their fans during the pandemic as well as more online content surrounding the music to best interact with their fan base. The band continues to see growth despite the pandemic and plans on playing out extensively when the world becomes safe enough for live shows.

Arlen Gun Club | Nothing

Arlen Gun Club is a punk rock act from Cincinnati. We released our debut DIY EP, “Fresh Face” in April 2020. We’re premiering our second EP, “Too Easy” in November 2020 to follow, which will contain the song “Nothing”.

ENMY | Never Healing

ENMY (pronounced “Enemy”) is a four-piece band originating from Cincinnati, OH. The band’s unique style is comprised of soaring vocal hooks, heavy guitar and drum play, paired with electronic melodies to round out a high energy and groove-oriented sound.

Faith in Failure | Leave me Behind

Based out of Columbus, OH, Faith in Failure is a new modern Hard Rock band with heavy riffs and soaring melodies. Dedicated to the craft of song writing and performing, we are so excited to share our art with you in hopes that we can inspire our fans. We hope that you join us on our journey and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Painted Platinum | Cracked Bottle

Painted Platinum is band started by students attending The University Of Cincinnati. All of our music is home recorded meant to please the audience of Metal and Hard Rock fans that want to mosh at a show and or have fun. Lead singer Joshua Miller and lead guitarist Ethan Qureshi started recording in their dorm room with the intention of inspiring the next generation of Hard Rock fans.

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