28 Years Ago: Stone Temple Pilots Made Their Debut With Core

On Sept. 29, 1992, the band arrived on the scene by releasing their debut disc Core. The Stone Temple Pilots story starts several years earlier, as the DeLeo brothers left their home base in New Jersey, with older brother Dean getting a job offer in California and briefly giving up music. “This was in probably ’85. I moved out in ’84. He was into this job. I think that around ’87 he got the urge to get some equipment again,” Robert DeLeo told KNAC. “I had gotten some inheritance money from our dad passing away. He passed away when I was a year old. So I got about $15,000 when I was 21. I sunk it all into a home studio. So I had a home studio in an apartment in Long Beach, and started really getting into recording and engineering and writing songs … This was around ’86 I guess, because that’s when I met Scott. He came over with the band that he just broke up with and asked if I could record some songs for the new band he was forming. I started recording some songs for him, and then he asked me to play on the songs, and then he asked me to join his band.”

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