The Most Popular Artists and Genres to Work Out To

How the hell is Lady Gaga the best music to listen to while working out? i have serious misgivings about this study… Listen to some hard Rock or metal and your work out will be way more intense – Nick

This is from the study done on work out music

“The website did a huge survey on the music genres and artists we like to listen to when we’re breaking a sweat.  And the #1 artist is . . . LADY GAGA.

Pop is the top genre we listen to . . . followed by Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Alternative, EDM, and Metal.

Gaga is obviously the most popular artist in the Pop category . . . Hip-Hop fans prefer THE WEEKND . . . Classic Rockers like to work out to QUEEN . . . for Alternative fans it’s the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. . .

The EDM crowd is partial to the CHAINSMOKERS . . . and the Metalheads, not surprisingly, are primarily motivated by METALLICA.”

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