Matt Talluto

Rock radio is in my blood (which I’ve splattered all over the Midwest)!  From Grand Rapids to Lansing.  Fort Wayne to Milwaukee. But I’m from the east side burbs of Detroit!  Not a Lions fan, though! Green Bay Packers have my loyalty until the Ford family sells the franchise.

I’ve got a wife of nearly 25 years who should win an award for somehow putting up with me. If you think I shut it off when the show ends every day, she’ll attest that I don’t. Together we have two kids. Between the three of em’, they’re the best things to ever happen to me.  Well, except when I caught that 42 in. walleye. That was pretty cool too.

How did I start in radio?  There, of course, was the love of music (usually of the loud sort) mixed with the natural ability to get kicked out of Mrs. Kelly’s English class in high school every other day.  Combine the two and…BAM! Here I am hosting your afternoon show in Cincinnati on 96 Rock where we’ll have fun talking about EVERYTHING!!!

Call in and be a part of it anytime!  513.749.9650

Maybe we’ll bump into each other at a concert or down on the banks! I’ll be in the beer line.


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