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Born in St. Louis but have lived in Missouri, California, Illinois, Ohio and now Kentucky. If I were to build a JD Mount Rushmore it would include Corey Taylor, Brett Favre, Batman and Darth Vader.

My first concert was Kenny Rogers and I’m not ashamed about it… I was 6 I didn’t have a choice BUT my mom is where I got my rock vibe from as she was a fan of Hendrix and Black Sabbath \m/ METAL!!! Slipknot, A7X, Korn, Tool, Mudvayne, RATM make me happy. Musically Corey Taylor is my man crush.

My passion for music is only surpassed by my love of sports. Baseball, football, basketball and hockey are my favs in fact I also do the PA at Cyclones games if you’re ever in the vicinity of US Bank arena. Grew up a disciple of Brett Favre and will die rooting for the Packers, Cardinals and Blues.

I’m a movie nut and have a collection of over 300 blu ray and DVDS and if we counted the VHS back at my parent’s house we’d be entering the 500+ range.

Action, Drama, Horror, Comedy, Super Hero etc so many great films it’s hard to pick a favorite overall but The Crow is probably at the top cause it incorporates a little of everything!

I LOVE BATMAN… and that’s all that needs to be said about him. I also love Star Wars and rooted for rebel alliance as a child but now as a man child my allegiance is with Lord Vader.

I believe in love, God and family and that without them this would be one lonely journey we’re all on together. Cheers and may the force be with you… always.



I was born and raised right here in Cincinnati! I graduated with a degree in Radio and Television Communications from NKU (GO NORSE!)  I am married to my partner in crime, who I affectionately refer to as Stedman. I also have a stepson…mini Stedman! When I am not working  I am out and about.  Whether it be rooting on the home teams, eating at the newest restaurant in town or bellied up at my favorite bar…it’s always good beer drinking weather! 

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