Former FFDP Drummer Now a Reserve Police Officer

Jeremy Spencer, former drummer of Five Finger Death Punch, was recently sworn in as a Reserve Police Officer of the Rockport, Indiana Police Department. Chief of Police, Jason Overfield, said Spencer passed the Pre-Basic course of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and welcomed him to the department.  Spencer grew up in neighboring Warrick County, where he was a graduate of Boonville High School. Spencer said: “I’m still a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, but it’s an honor to be able to come back to this area when I can and serve the community as a reserve police officer and help out my brothers.” The now-46-year-old Spencer announced his departure from FFDP last December. Jeremy underwent a second back surgery and needed a significant amount of time to recover; the band fully supported his decision.

When it was time for his departure from the band Spencer said in a statement: “I’ve been playing drums since I was six years old. After years of the physicality leading to surgeries, I feel it’s best to step down. I feel fortunate that my body has provided me with several decades of doing what I love: playing double-bass and shredding the drums. However, the rigorous physical wear and tear has worn down my body to the point where I feel I can no longer deliver a performance you great fans deserve and one that brings me satisfaction and joy. In addition, I feel the band deserves to get someone with fresh fire and energy capable of delivering Death Punch music the way fans deserve.”

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